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Working With a Parser

At FeedBlitz we are big fans of automating your email marketing tasks, freeing you to work on your business. Parsers play a key role when it comes to integrating third party applications into your email marketing. You may remember us briefly mentioning that a parser is what helps you complete the process of selling with your Autoresponders, but they offer even more compatibility benefits than just … [Read More...]

A Beginner’s Guide to SEO that Works

On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Rebecca Gill of Web Savvy Marketing. She is a WordPress developer, an SEO consultant, and a general business consultant. She’s an active member of the WordPress community, participating as a WordCamp speaker, podcast guest, and SEO educator. Her company, Web Savvy Marketing, was founded in 2009 and is a creative agency based in Southeastern … [Read More...]

Overcoming the Fear of Being Heard

By Karly Nimmo. In my work with hundreds of podcasters, and potential podcasters (this also applies to bloggers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and anyone putting themselves out there) I see one key thing get in the way over and over again… Our good old mate, FEAR. Let’s talk about fear, because it has the capability to paralyse and stop the vast majority from ever leaving the discomfort of … [Read More...]

Quick Tips: Where can I edit my DKIM and SPF Authentication?

After gathering feedback from our publishers, the FeedBlitz Development Team has opened and repositioned the availability of editing SPF and DKIM authentication to all publishers. Email authentication communicates to your subscriber’s inbox that we (FeedBlitz) are allowed to email on the publisher’s behalf. While we handle the authentication for you, some of our advanced publishers enjoy having … [Read More...]

[Blowout Sale] Get 30% Off ALL Premium WordPress Themes

Plus a special offer for the Pro Plus All-Theme Package … Black Monday … in August? Pretty much. You may recall that every year around late October or November we offer a big discount or valuable bundle. Well, we recently ironed out our promotional schedule for the rest of 2016 … and this year’s Black Monday sale is not going to include StudioPress. This is no slight to … [Read More...]

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How Soon Can I Refinance My Home Mortgage?  I Just Did Within the First Year!

It’s something every new home owner thinks about the minute they sign on the dotted line… If mortgage rates go down, how long do I have to wait to take advantage of that opportunity?  How soon can I refinance my home and lower my monthly payment? When you’re a frugal son-of-a-gun like me who’s heading towards financial freedom like a locomotive that’s full steam ahead, the answer is: As soon as it … [Read More...]

Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver on Retirement Plans – Hilarious!

It’s not very often that I find shows on TV that appeal to my financial nerdiness; let alone comedies. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Retirement Plans special.  This one HITS THE JACKPOT! It’s absolutely hilarious!  I’ve never heard anyone talk about retirement plans quite like this before.  It’s everything the … [Read More...]

Is a Safe Withdrawal Rate of 7.0 Percent Acceptable?  The Trinity Study Thought So!

Do you think a safe withdrawal rate of 7.0 percent is reasonable for retirement planning? Unanimously, I can already hear the entire personal finance community scream “NO! Absolutely not!” But what’s interesting is that three of the most-often quoted people in retirement planning seemed to think so: Cooley, Hubbard, and Walz. Just in case you’re not familiar with the names of those personal … [Read More...]

Do Buy and Sell Signals for Stocks Really Exist? The 10% Experiment

Ever since reading “The 3 Percent Signal” by Jason Kelley (and unfortunately de-bunking its claims in my post here), I’ve been very curious about whether or not buy and sell signals for stocks really exist or not. For anyone who doesn’t remember, the 3 Percent Signal was an interesting concept where you effectively buy or sell shares of an ETF to effectively lock yourself into a 3% gain per … [Read More...]

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A Simple Guide to Boost Conversions Through UX Design

An online visitor keeps on browsing a website as far as he or she feels amazed with the overall design. The factors that define user experience (UX) may differ between different industries and competitive markets. The stores that are competing for higher brands have to facilitate their customers with extra features, whereas businesses in a Article by Conversion Optimization Blog. Read entire … [Read More...]

Have You Registered for CRO Day 2016?

Remember when you were a teenager and you wanted to get your [insert body part here] pierced because, “literally everyone is doing it”? And your mom was all, “Oh come on, [insert your first name here], would you jump off a bridge because everyone was doing it?” Well, in most cases Mom was right. Trends are called trends for a reason: they come, they go and they might leave you with an undesirable … [Read More...]

Why Comparison Shoppers Aren’t Converting for You (and How to Fix It)

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, right? That’s the mentality of comparison shoppers. If they look hard and long enough, they will find a better value. If they don’t look around, they’ll miss out on greener grasses. Today, the term “comparison shopper” describes the majority of consumers, especially those online. If you’re running an … [Read More...]

Jason Nemer – Inside the Magic of AcroYoga

“If I had to prescribe two things to improve health and happiness in the world, it’s movement and play.” – Jason Nemer My guest on this episode of the podcast is Jason Nemer (@jasonnemer), co-founder of AcroYoga. Jason is an incredible character, who travels the world with next to nothing. He introduced me to my latest obsession — AcroYoga. Along with Gymnastic … [Read More...]

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Binary Options Trading Signals – The Worlds Largest Live Binary Options Signal Provider |

Binary Options Trading Signals – The Worlds Largest Live Binary Options Signal Provider | http://www.binaryoptionstradingsignals.com/ review Binary Options Trading Signals Is The Premier Signal Service For Binary Options As You Watch A Live … [Read More...]

The Insiders Guide To The Business Of Fitness Modeling

Los Angeles Fitness Photographer Natalie Minh is internationally recognized for her work. Her images have appeared in global advertising campaigns and the NYC Times Square billboard, model portfolios throughout well known European and American … [Read More...]

Black Diamond Trader | Black Diamond Trader

Black Diamond Trader | Black Diamond Trader http://www.blackdiamondtrader.com/ review Black Diamond Trader Is A Real Trading System That Works On Any Market (forex, Futures, Stocks, Binary Options) And Comes With Live Support From A Cftc Registered, … [Read More...]

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5 Positions You Can Fill With Software

Let’s face it, small businesses today have a lot to handle. From accounting to customer service and everything in between, many business owners seem to need to do it all. Many lack the desire and/or revenue to hire multiple employees to handle the … [Read More...]

How To Start A Legit Moving Company

Starting a moving company can be a smart and lucrative endeavor for any entrepreneur who is willing to put in the work. An average family moves once every five to seven years, ensuring that this service will never become obsolete, and meaning that … [Read More...]

How Important Is Your Office Printer?

Every business has to save money where it can and these days this seems more important than ever. I have a pretty small office and recently needed a new copy machine. I upgraded to a Canon and I can’t say enough nice things about it. I have … [Read More...]

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How to get textbooks for free

This was a trick I discovered late in college, that I wish I would have known about earlier because it could have saved me thousands over my college years. It shouldn’t take more than a hour and could save you hundreds each semester. Basically, … [Read More...]

The IMF made Greece a sacrificial lamb to save the euro

"The IMF knew the euro had serious flaws" Article by Feedburner. Read entire story here. … [Read More...]

How to Save Money on School Supplies when Money is Tight

It’s the time of year we parents love and dread at the same time: Back to School. We love it, because it means getting back to a good routine. But we hate it, because let’s face it. August and September rival the Christmas season when it … [Read More...]

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Facebook CHANGES! They plan to ruin your reach AGAIN (but I have 3 ways to fix it)

So, the New York Times just reported that Facebook intends to change their algorithm… AGAIN. This time Facebook plans to emphasize updates from friends and family over other things like “business pages.” And I have a HUGE smile on my face. Why? Over the next few days people will complain about their decision. Especially when they see their traffic and reach disappear over night. … [Read More...]

SM Prime Holdings – Workplace That Builds on your Success

When it comes to employee satisfaction, factors like competitive pay, benefits, and work responsibilities are common considerations that shape the playing field. However, specialists are now looking at the correlation between a location’s general climate to career satisfaction and overall business success. SM Prime Holdings Inc. (SMPHI) operates under this concept. The affiliate of SM Investments … [Read More...]

Why Testimonials Improve – Or Destroy – Sales

The power of reviews and testimonials are undeniable. Some research suggests a lot of reviews can increase sales by 35% or MORE. I know it. You know it. And BUSINESSES know it. Good reviews persuade us to buy things we may not have bought otherwise. And that’s why testimonials and reviews can actually HURT Your sales. I’ll explain… Let’s say you stumble on a product (or … [Read More...]

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Start Side Hustling, Even If You Don’t Know How

If you follow and read personal finance blogs, chances are you know about side hustling. For those who don’t know, having a side hustle can help you bring in extra income, pursue a passion, and even get out of debt. But how do you side hustle when you don’t know where to start? Get A Part Time Job One of the easiest ways to start side hustling is to get a part time job. There are so many companies … [Read More...]

Retirement Savings by Age – Are You on Track?

Nearly a third of all workers admit to having less than $1,000 saved for retirement. Fifty-seven percent replied that they have less than $25,000 saved. Without knowing the exact retirement savings by age to reach a comfortable retirement, it’s still pretty obvious that the average American is woefully behind.Below are the stats for the median retirement savings by age in 2013. Based on the … [Read More...]

How to Become a Huffington Post Blogger (Using Their New Platform)

This post was originally written back in April of 2013, by Catherine Alford (a contributor to the site at the time) and has since been updated over the years. In the past, you could craft an article and pitch it to the editors at the Huffington Post, or even Arianna herself. Or you could submit everything via a specific Google form. This is the way that Catherine and I have both done it in the … [Read More...]